Kjempsavor Ayars (set in the North Atlantic) 20x16 canvas print

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Ready to hang gallery wrapped canvas print from original hand-drawn plausible fictitious map drawn on skin by David Nuttall @artimaps

16 x 20" Matte Canvas

  • Thin Stretched & Mounted
  • Black Archival Backing & Wire Hanger


Map Details for Kjempsavor Ayars – set in North Atlantic
A very detailed map depicting an entire island nation located midway between the Faroe Islands and the Shetland Islands in the North Atlantic. The research for this map was one of the more intense, as I wanted to place the islands on a realistic seamount close to the Faroe-Shetland Channel and create an island nation that had a distinct history that related to other islands in the area. This included history and language considerations as well as determining the financial and economic aspects to the country.